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We approached Daisy when our daughter was 19 months old to help with her lack of sleeping. 6 months prior when Lois had a sickness bug we allowed her to sleep in our bed as what we thought would be a one off.  
The next 6 months turned into an exhausting blur of a 7pm bottle in her cot, 11pm wake up, milk again and transfer to our bed. Midnight – maybe another bottle and finally nodding off between 1-4am. Alarm at 7am and partner now full time on the sofa! 
Over the 6 months it gradually broke us! We knew each night going to bed we would be likely to get an hour in before Lois would wake. The 4am – 7am sleep wasn’t a good one as subconsciously terrified she would fall out of the bed. Complete nightmare. 
We approached Daisy once we hit rock bottom. The initial discussions were brilliant! I knew we had made mistakes with how we had handled the last 6 months, but Daisy was so easy to talk to and really understood our situation. This was a huge relief as we had been in denial about how bad things had got, not just with lack of sleeping but how our relationship was suffering. Daisy took lots of details to really understand Lois as a child, our parenting style, our family life, our goals and our dream outcome.  
I was blown away when we had our sleeping plan through, it was incredible! My fear was leaving Lois to cry alone and I was over the moon to see this wouldn’t be the case! Instead we had a very gentle plan that really suited us as a family. 
Night one – I was very nervous, but it was actually the best night’s sleep I’d had in 6 months! Lois woke at 11pm and instead of whisking straight out we used Daisy’s expert techniques and within a couple of hours Lois was back down, in her cot fast asleep. With minimal tears and no kitchen runs for milk! By the end of week 1 we had our first few nights of no wake ups. It was amazing waking up to an alarm clock at 7am instead of a scream at 11pm! 
We noticed a change in Lois too, she seemed so much calmer and happier. It felt as though we had retrained Lois and helped show her how strong and independent she is. Might sound crazy for a 19 month old but it felt huge, she is so much more content in herself and happy. The daytimes are more fun for her as she has energy now to keep her going until lunch time nap. 
As for the naps, we always struggled to get Lois to nap in her cot in the day and now she goes down with no issues, no milk, no tears and no hour-long battles! 
Now we have a child that sleeps through, every night.  We’ve been able to go on nights away as a family, keep her up late around Christmas and me and my partner even managed a date night knowing my parents wouldn’t have to deal with issues. 
I couldn’t recommend Daisy enough, not only is she an expert in this field she is lovely to work with and so calming to
be around. Just what we needed to help us with our issues. 
Thank you Daisy!

Suzy, mum to Lois aged 19 months

For over 2 years we have put up with sleepless nights from our daughter Sophia. A combination of waking during the night and wanting to get in our bed in the early hours of the morning has left us all sleep deprived.

Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting has changed all that. After a very detailed consultation Daisy gave us a plan that was easy to implement and sympathetic to Sophia's and our family's needs.

But what made the process both achievable and enjoyable was Daisy's regular contact during the process. Sophia loved the special video messages of encouragement and recognition of her success that Daisy sent.

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their bed time routine to get in touch with Daisy.

 Sophia will now sleep all night in her own bed and it has made a world of difference to the whole family. Thank you Daisy, you have been amazing.

Gemma, mum to Sophia aged 4.5 years

Daisy has made a world of difference to us all. Before we started working with her our two boys (4 years old and 2.5 years old) were both breastfed to sleep at the start and throughout the night and would always end up in our bed. And my husband would go and sleep in one of their beds. The boys had always bedshared with us and we never had a problem with them doing so, we loved all the extra snuggles. But we decided that we all needed to start sleeping better and not feel so tired during the day.

I had a quick chat with Daisy and immediately knew she could help us. She's so lovely, helpful, caring and passionate about what she does. It was so important to us that the transition was kind to the boys and that they weren't at all distressed. Daisy completely understood and I had no hesitation signing up with her there and then.

And the results were so fast (it still blows our minds!). Our 2.5yo is VERY strong willed and we really thought it was going to be a struggle with him. The boys share a room too so there was always the worry that one would wake up the other one. But both boys took to it all so incredibly well. One week after we started the 2.5yo took only 1 minute to fall asleep and then slept through. After 2 weeks he was consistently sleeping through. Our 4yo started sleeping through most nights from within the first week.

Our 4yo really enjoyed having chats with Daisy. She explained things to him, gave him an important job in it all, encouraged him and congratulated him when he slept through.

We'd previously used Google to look for advice on getting the boys to sleep better and we also bought a GroClock. Nothing worked. Having Daisy give us clear bespoke guidance and advice was really empowering and invaluable. It gave us so much confidence and meant that we were both on the same page. There wasn't any doubt or second guessing. We had the plan and we stuck to it. With Daisy's ongoing support and regular calls we were able to ask questions as we went through the different stages.

It's been a wonderful experience and I absolutely cannot recommend Daisy enough.

She's a sleep miracle worker!

Roxy, mum to Spencer aged 4 and Harrison aged 2

I found Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting on Instagram and got lucky - our darling son Zayd was waking 8+ times a night and could only be settled by us rocking him back to sleep, only for him to wake up again as soon as we placed him in his cot. His naps were touch and go and we were exhausted and at our wits end. Daisy far, far exceeded our expectations for sleep training and her methods were so gentle and in keeping with our parenting values that we felt reassured from the start. It only took a couple of weeks before Zayd was sleeping from 07:30-07:00 most nights with minimal to no wake ups. We are so confident thanks to Daisy that (without revealing her methods!) if Zayd does happen to wake up in the night or refuse to nap in the day, we have the tools to ensure he puts himself gently back to sleep. This was unimaginable for us 4 weeks ago. Thank you Daisy/Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting - we are finally able to sleep uninterrupted. Your service is priceless and we will be recommending you to everyone we know!

Mimi, mum to Zayd aged 7 months

Daisy has changed our lives for the better - We now have a very happy 1 year, who is getting the sleep that was much needed! Which in return means mummy, daddy and big sister are also getting a better night sleep too. We can’t thank you enough Daisy, the process to creating the sleep plan was straight forward and insightful. And putting the sleep plan into action wasn’t as scary as I first thought! I was also so impressed at how quickly the sleep plan started working!

Nikki, mum to Noah aged 13 months

I reached out to Daisy late at night in desperation. I had got to a point where I was desperate for my little boy to be able to nap and fall asleep without being bounced, rocked and held for the duration. I was extremely apprehensive at first, fear of the unknown! Daisy understood my nervousness and listened to my worries. My major worry was I wanted to do this gently, and to go at my baby’s pace. She gave me a clear plan of what we were going to do after an initial assessment of my current sleep situation. Each call we had Daisy listened intently and made tweaks to the plan as and when needed. I can’t believe where we are now with sleep, I never thought we would get to this point! My little guy can fall asleep by himself, settle himself back if he does wake, sleep longer than 30 minutes and do a solid minimum 10 hour stretch at night. All of this done working with my baby, not against him. I’m truly thankful to Daisy, I now miss the sleep cuddles!

Mum to 6 month old

Daisy was the answer to my prayers! At the beginning of our sleep training my son fed to sleep and woke up to 6 times a night, and in 4 short weeks he’s now on a bottle, put down awake, settles himself and wakes me only once or twice. It’s been a game changer and I’m very grateful to Daisy for her patience and guidance!

Muireann, mum to Cillian aged 12 months

Penny has been a contact napper for such a long time and since moving out of her crib we had been cosleeping. This meant no time to myself or to spend one on one with my older daughter. 
Daisy really listened to our situation, especially the fact I wanted to keep the night feeds as Penny is breastfed. Penny’s plan was easy to follow and we noticed a difference after just a couple of days! 
Since we have found our routine I have noticed Penny is much happier and alert between naps and the whole family has been positively impacted. I get time to read with my older daughter without Penny being with us and my husband and I have reclaimed our bed. 
I didn’t expect Penny to find a routine so quickly and I am so grateful for everything Daisy has done.

Sarah, mum to Penny aged 8 months

We were incredibly impressed with the sleep training and with Daisy. We have seen such a massive improvement to both ours and our daughter's sleep and he has made the whole family a lot happier. We couldn't believe the difference in a short space of time and even with factors such as very hot weather our little girl was sleeping so so much better. Thank you so much for all of your help

Shona and Oliver, parents to Lexi aged 13 months

I contacted Daisy in desperation, my partner was sceptical, I was apprehensive - how on earth was anything Daisy suggested going to help us, I'd already tried so many different "sleep remedies". I was so worried that I would need to ignore Alfie’s needs and not be able to comfort him if we worked with a sleep consultant but we was desperate for help and something had to be done.
Working with Daisy has absolutely changed our lives, I was suffering with postnatal depression not leaving the house for days on end, avoiding contact with family and friends, not cooking and snacking on sugary food to keep me going. Alfie went from being a happy cheeky baby to never smiling and crying at everything, lack of sleep was affecting his feeding as he was associating feeding with sleep. Our relationship was suffering as we spent no time together and had no time to talk.
Alfie has gone from 3 30-40 minutes contact or motion naps to having 3 1-2 hour naps in his cot. Days were bad but I dreaded bedtime - he would happily go down for an hour at 7pm but he would wake and I would spend the rest of the evening upstairs trying to resettle him. Around 10pm he would resettle and then wake every 45-60 mins unless I sat up with him in my arms when he would happily sleep for hours. The only way to get him to sleep was by feeding him so there was no hope of settling for his Dad he would cry until I took over whenever he tried. Now sleeps through 11-12 hours and if he does wake he settles again quickly no matter who does bedtime/nap time.
Daisy listened to my concerns and devised a plan which allowed us to work at a pace that was right for us all as a family. Feeds were worked into our plan which Alfie naturally dropped himself as we progressed. I have never had to worry that he is hungry and have always been able to offer comfort. Alfie has always been reassured and resettled quickly even with a few bumps in the road (teething and outgrowing the next to me overnight) but regular telephone calls with Daisy and being able to message with any questions means I felt supported and in control throughout the whole process.
We now all get up in the morning refreshed, ready for the day and able to enjoy our time together rather than a constant battle of feeding and sleeping. Thank you so much Daisy/Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting you are absolutely amazing!

Annabel, mum to Alfie aged 6 months

We had been struggling with my son's sleep for around 7 months with him getting up every few hours in the night. We'd struggled on with it for so long, we really were at breaking point. The sleep deprivation was getting overwhelming, impacting our lives and overall mood. I'll admit, we were somewhat sceptical about whether we would be able to break Ted's habits - they seemed so embedded. But, from the moment, we starting talking to Daisy, she put my concerns at ease. She listened to our issues and quickly assured us she could help. Within a few days, we had a concrete plan with detailed information we could refer back to. Because our son shares with his sister,  Daisy came up with a brilliant solution which meant we could get her involved too. This meant both Chloe and Ted were excited about their new bedroom routine. Chloe was so happy to be the official "Bedtime Helper" and Daisy sent her a certificate which was such a nice touch. She supported us throughout the entire process, calling and messaging regularly. We now have a little boy who happily goes to bed and feels safe and assured enough to stay in his room all night. This change has had a huge impact on us - now we are all sleeping better, everyone is so much happier and content. Thanks so much Daisy!

Ally, mum to Ted aged 2.5 years 

Transcribed from video testimonial - visit to view

Hi I’m Imogen. I’ve got 3 girls, a 4 year old, Phoebe, and twin 9 month olds Clara and Eve. I came to Daisy when the twins were 7 months old and I was at absolute breaking point. The twins weren’t sleeping for more than an hour and a half, day or night. When they did nap in the day they had to be moving at all times, so it was me or my husband going out walking with them all of the time and it was really, really, really difficult. Neither of us got any rest at all.

So I started speaking to Daisy and from the moment I spoke to her I knew that if I was going to go through this process it had to be with Daisy. She absolutely had in mind my own needs and my babies needs, at all times. I was extremely anxious about going through the process; with my first born I would never ever have dreamt of even thinking about going to a sleep consultant, but actually it has been the most amazing process for me and my babies.

Daisy really worked with us to make sure that I wasn’t feeling anxious about what the process was and that my babies’ needs were met at all times.

Was it difficult? It was really, really difficult but Daisy absolutely supported us all the way through the process - she text us, we had phone conversations, we even met in person and she was absolutely my cheerleader through the whole thing.

So the babies now are having two dream feeds a night and sleeping all the way through the night and it’s a dream. They’re also going down for two naps in the day in their cots without being rocked. It’s just amazing.

It was a really short process with so little crying involved. That’s the one thing I would say – I heard the words sleep consultant and I was like ‘absolutely not, I’m going to have to leave my babies to cry it out, I’m not going to be able to cope with this,’ but [Daisy] was incredible. She spoke to me about the different options and we went from there we had a really, really gentle approach and I chose not to leave my babies to cry, and it worked.

It’s amazing and I can’t thank her enough. Thank you, Daisy.

Imogen, mum to Clara and Eve age 7 months

Okay, so where to start, Daisy has been absolutely fantastic in helping us get to such a great place with sleep.

I’ve gone from having a baby that wakes up at least every two hours throughout the night to waking up once or not at all. If she does wake it’s simply just going into her room and shushing her and she’s asleep within a minute or two.

The fact that I’m now getting full nights sleep is amazing but also Everly seems so much happier too.

The other thing that has been so great is that bedtime is now so quick, I simply feed her and leave her after a minute and she drifts off on her own meaning I have time to spend with my little boy - she does the same now for naps too. 

Sleep training was so calm and gentle Everly was never left to cry at all as that’s something I wouldn’t want to do. Now I look back at it and I can’t believe how quickly my baby has adjusted. My husband now even comments how well she has done. 

There were a few occasions where I wasn’t quite sure what to do and Daisy was so helpful in talking to about what I wanted to achieve and then planning what the right thing to do was. And just generally being there to talk about it, to sympathise, and to encourage me that we could do it. 

I was slightly sceptical about whether sleep training could work if you are breastfeeding on demand, and it really has worked amazingly.

I honestly can’t thank Daisy enough, for the plan she came up with, for helping me, for listening to me overall she’s made getting a full night sleep actually feel easy.

Amy, mum to Everly aged 10 months

We cannot thank Daisy enough for her expert advice for our 2.5 year old, we had stressful and long bedtimes and frequently night wakings as he was unable to settled by himself - as a result we were all exhausted !

She was so confident that our little boy could master the plan whilst we were a bit dubious. But wow ! She understood him and us so well that her bespoke plan was perfectly aligned to us. Even on day 1, we were achieving things that we didn't think would be possible on day 14.

The gentle approach was what we all needed. Daisy's enthusiasm and approachable kind nature made us all immediately feel at ease with her. We would wholeheartedly recommend assistance with the plan, the calls and messages and videos for little one were a god send and kept us all focussed and clear on what to do. It was so comforting to know we had Daisy as a back up if things were going wrong.

We have and will continue to recommend Daisy to all of our friends and will use her again if we have another child.

Thanks so much xx

Sabrina, mum to Oscar age 2

Before working with Daisy, I had been trawling the Internet for months, watched social media videos to learn about babies, sleep and even brought some online programmes to try help my 6 month old daughter to sleep better. After months of trying my daughter still was cat napping for 20 minutes twice a day. She was waking up every two hours during the night for feeds and it was really exhausting. My husband moved out of the room to get better sleep for work and I was starting back at work soon so this worried me. I needed my routine, energy, relationship and sanity back.
So I read Daisy's website and decided I was going to invest in a better lifestyle, invest in us. It's not easy sleep training your child. You have to be prepared for hard work but having Daisy to support me throughout was just what we needed. I'm so glad I did it and would highly recommend Daisy to anyone.
My daughter now sleeps through the night and I never believed that would happen. She also has longer than hour naps during the day. We are all so much happier, bedtimes is something I now look forward to with my baby and I feel confident how to deal with any bumps and regressions in sleep if they happen in the future.
I had my first night out with friends a few weeks ago and wasn't worried she would wake up. I tell my friends how much my daughter sleeps and they are wowed! Thank you Daisy :) xx

Nergis, mum to Ruhi aged 6 months

We can not begin to thank Daisy at Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting enough.

Esme is a very strong willed toddler, who was very set in her ways, stubborn and a very poor sleeper since turning 2 years.

The 6 months before getting in touch with Daisy were such a struggle for my husband and I. We flip flopped between trying to implement various sleep training methods we had read about online, sleeping on her floor or bringing her into our bed. It was affecting our mental well-being and something needed to change before our new baby came along.

Daisy has been friendly, personable and caring not just towards us but also forming a bond with Esme through videos. Esme has thoroughly enjoyed her ‘sleep adventure’! We have now finished our 3 week course and it’s changed our lives! No more sleeping on the floor, no more getting up 6 times a night or creeping out of the room when she’s asleep only to wake her up with a creek of the landing! She sleeps in her own bed, all night…. we are amazed and very happy all round.

Emma, mum to Esme aged 2.5 

When I contacted Daisy my husband and I were feeling sleep deprived and our quality of life was suffering. I actually felt close to tears in my initial call with Daisy. However, Daisy is compassionate and empathetic. She knew exactly how we were feeling and made us feel confident that she could help. We embarked on her plan feeling really optimistic. There were no hard or brutal suggestions, it was gentle, practical advice delivered in such a way that I was prepared for bumps in the road but felt that I would be completely supported. Noah adapted to Daisy’s sleep plan so easily and without any stress. My husband and I look back now and laugh at the nights we spent lying next to him until he finally fell asleep and going into his room in the early hours to settle him - never to return to our own bed! We don’t ever laugh at the 4.45am wake ups though!! Thankfully these are all distant memories. Noah goes to bed around 7.15pm, he settles himself and sleeps right through until 6.30am. He is the perfect sleeper and it’s all thanks to Daisy. I can’t recommend her highly enough and my only regret is not contacting her sooner

Lizzie, mum to Noah aged 2

Jude was a great sleeper (compared to how my daughter was) until he turned 5 months old, then he started to need to be rocked to sleep and would only cat nap in the day for 30 mins twice a day. At night he would wake a few times and be wide awake for an hour or more then would be up to start the day at 5. Our aim was to get Jude to sleep for longer in the day without being rocked and to be able to self settle in the night. Night one was a huge success! Nights two and three were great but apart from his morning nap we still had a bit of a way to go with his second and third naps. In the end Daisy and I worked out that Jude was a baby who could happily go a little longer between naps and we decided to push his awake window a little so he was tired enough to sleep but not overtired. Despite a horrendous cold and a sickness bug he still slept so much better! Now he has 1.5-2 hours in a morning, in his bed by happily self settling and then 1-1.5 hours in afternoon happily self settling. Night time he is in bed and asleep happily and content after cuddle and a story, no need for rocking and he sleeps around 11 hours undisturbed. He also now sleeps in the car or pushchair without crying first which he didn’t do before. So happy we did this.

Kyleey, mum to Jude aged 6 months

When I first spoke to Daisy, my son was waking on average 10 times a night. He needed to be rocked or fed to sleep, and all of us were struggling. Within 2 nights, there was a massive improvement! I'm still breastfeeding and didn't want to lose the night feeds. I now give two dream feeds, but my son sleeps through most nights now! We had a bit of a deadline as my partner is going away for work, and the idea of being alone with no sleep filled me with dread. I'm not worried at all now. Daisy was so supportive and listened to all my worries and concerns. We have left Daisy's plan with a little boy who can settle himself to sleep and sleeps through the night! We also have a plan to help with naps, but in the short space of time we had, Daisy has transformed our sleep, and I now have the energy to play again! Thank you Daisy x

Michelle, mum to Bobby aged 5 months

When we first started with Daisy we were at our wits end with our little boy, we had recently welcomed a little girl into the world and we were adjusting to being a family of four when it all got too much. Our newborn was waking once into be night yet our three year old was waking 8plus times a night. This wasn’t new to us as Harry’s never been a great sleeper and it may seem ridiculous to others but it was making us suicidal, stressed, short tempered and not to mention Harry’s mood swings! That’s when I reached out to Daisy for help. At first my partner and I were apprehensive about the sleep plan as it felt like we were going backwards but stuck with it and I’m so glad we did! Harry now sleeps through about 6/7 nights a week and instead of 530 starts we’re at 7am starts! We feel we’ve got our happy little boy back and we feel more human ourselves. Can’t thank Daisy enough, would highly recommend her services and I tell anyone and everyone that will listen to me about our experience. Oh and Harry loved the personalised videos from Daisy!

Sharna, mum to Harry aged 3

When we first reached out to Daisy at Lavender Blue, we were a family very much on our knees. Our
6 month old baby, Jacob, was waking every 45 minutes throughout the night, and would only settle
back to sleep with a short breast feed. I’d ended up co-sleeping with him as it was the only way I
could get some sleep so I could get my older 3 children to school in the morning. We’d spend so
much time bouncing or rocking him to sleep at bedtime that I had absolutely no time with my
husband on any given evening, which was affecting both of our mental health.
When I contacted Daisy, all I hoped for was a couple of hours during the evening where I could leave
Jacob in bed and spend time with the rest of the family, but didn’t want any kind of crying to be
involved. She listened to everything I told her, and when I received the sleeping plan I started crying,
not because it was horrible but because I was sure my baby wouldn’t manage that and would feel
The first week was tough, and we began very gently. Daisy was always at the end of a text,
sometimes just cheerleading me, which gave me the strength to persevere. The second week I
started to notice that Jacob actually didn’t want to be bounced to sleep every night, and we began
to get a couple of hours every evening where he was asleep in his cot. At that point I was glued to
the baby monitor and struggled to relax as I was expecting him to wake up at any minute. The third
week I was able to give Jacob his sleep cues then pop him in his cot and he’d fall asleep on his own.
This was massive! It was at this point that I started to trust him and allowed my other son to have a
friend to sleepover, something I’d avoided for ages for fear that Jacob would cry all evening.
Daisy has completely changed our lives for the better, I’m so grateful to her. Her gentle patient way
is exactly what sleep-deprived families need. She was there to support the struggles as well as
celebrate the successes. There are a lot of “sleep training” programs out there, some of which we’d
tried, but none of them offered such an intense support as Lavender Blue. I would recommend the
full support package to anyone one; I wasn’t too ambitious and just wanted a couple of hours, but
have ended up with a very content, good-sleeping baby. Last night I said to my husband “I’m bored”
which was great because it meant I wasn’t too busy trying to get my baby to sleep!

Jenny, mum to Jacob aged 6 month

We reached out to Daisy when our little boy was just over 5 months. We had had weeks and weeks of rubbish sleep. We were going to bed at 8pm at the latest each night in order to try to get some rest . Our nights were extremely disrupted and the longest stretch of sleep our little one was getting was about 2 hours. The early hours of the morning were seeing us up every 30minutes. We were absolutely exhausted. We were hopeful that Daisy could help us as we knew we couldn’t carry on as we were. We just didn’t know what she was going to suggest that we hadn’t already read about or seen online.
Daisy has been an absolute delight to work with. She listened to what our situation was and what we would like to get out of our time with her. We wanted to take a gentle approach as our little one is exclusively breastfed and feeds on demand.
In the first night he slept through the night, we couldn’t believe it! As our time with Daisy came to an end we were able to pop him down in his cot awake and he was able to happily settle himself to sleep.
We now have our evenings back, we have a rested and happier little boy and we are so much less tired. I would recommend Daisy to anyone who is struggling with sleep; she is kind, attentive and she really knows her stuff.

Holly, mum to Freddy aged 5 months

Daisy really helped when my husband and I were convinced nothing could be done. We had previously worked with another sleep consultant that hadn’t helped and we were apprehensive to try again. Daisy helped us get our 11 month old out of our bed and sleeping in her own cot. We are now able to put her upstairs in bed alone and we have some time in the evenings to be together as a couple which is so important.

Keira, mum to Melissa aged 11 months

We were at a last resort, we had no evenings and I had started to dread bedtimes. A colleague recommended Daisy so we thought why not. Daisy was brilliant from the first meeting she made us feel supported and that it wasn't just us being poor parents. She set out a clear plan which we followed and in a week we saw initial changes. By the end of week 4 my daughter was letting us leave the room and would get herself off to sleep. The change is amazing and now we have our evenings back and time with our older daughter. Thank you so much Daisy.

Parents to 4 year old

Before starting the plan which Daisy created for our little boy, we were somewhat apprehensive and, although we hoped it would work, we had our doubts. Within a couple of days of starting the plan, we were already seeing massive changes! By the end of the first week, we were amazed! By the end of the three weeks, we had achieved our goal! Throughout the process, Daisy was amazing and provided us with much support- we can’t thank her enough!

Amy, mum to Dylan aged 5 months

When we started working with Daisy, we were up with our little boy every two hours, he was completely incapable of self settling, his bedtime routine was never consistent and as a result we were walking zombies and at our wits end! Daisy was kind, understanding, supportive and extremely knowledgable and was able to provide us with a personalised plan quickly, we noticed a difference within days. It was hard going at times as our son is very strong willed and stubborn but Daisy was always able to provide us with the reassurance and support we needed on those difficult days and always reminded us how much progress we were making! We now have our little boy in bed and asleep for 7PM with minimal fuss so we have our evenings back and compared to 6 or 7 wake ups per night, we are now down to 1 or 2 with minimal fuss. We are so close to a full nights sleep which I never thought would be possible so can't thank Daisy enough!

Emily, mum to Stanley aged 8 months

I'm so pleased with the results of working with Daisy, I wish I had contacted her sooner! Logan had never slept through the night and the morning wakings were getting earlier and earlier - 4.30am was the average start to our day! Bedtimes were also starting to drag out and would take us up to an hour to get him to sleep. Suffice to say myself and my partner were both exhaused and I was having difficulty concentrating at work some days.

The plan that Daisy gave us was easy to implement and it was reassuring to get the check-in calls. We saw results within a couple of days with the early wakings getting later and bedtimes getting easier. Within a couple of weeks Logan had stopped having his milk during the night and was sleeping through to 5.45 - 6am, if he did awake during the night he would settle back down himself and go to sleep. Our new bedtime routine was also great and relaxing as he was able to get to sleep himself which left us with more time in the evenings. All of the changes that we've seen has made such a positive impact on our lives and our moods :)

Sarah, mum to Logan aged 2

3 years of chronic sleep deprivation, 3 whole years. We tried everything, Huckleberry, sleep training, adapting her diet, we read every book and everything online but we just came to accept that Felicity wasn’t a sleeper and we just had to get on with it until one day it just got too much. I was sick of feeling irritable, exhausted and living in a fog I wanted to be more present, have energy and feel rested and I wanted more than anything for Felicity to feel that way too. When her sleep was poor so was her behaviour, we were in a vicious cycle we couldn’t break until we met Daisy. As soon as I spoke to Daisy we both have girls who didn’t sleep well for years and I instantly felt relief to talk to someone who understood our situation, she created a sleep plan which we called an adventure to felicity and she embraced it from day one. Daisy created a reward chart and videos personalised to felicity which made her feel so special and rewarded for being a sleeping superstar. In two weeks felicity has woken twice in the night but because we’ve had a plan we’ve felt back in control, she’s also woke early some days (5am) and again we’ve stuck to the plan and now she’s sleeping until 6. It will take courage, time, energy and consistency to change bad sleep habits but it will be so worth it in the end. It’s been amazing to work with Daisy she so knowledgeable, approachable and non judgemental.
If you’re reading this and can relate I’d strongly recommend having a free consultation with Daisy to see how she can help you all get some more sleep!

Jenny, mum to Felicity aged 3 years

My 5 year old twins were complete opposites, one early to sleep and early to rise, the other late to sleep and late to rise which gave me no time to myself. With Daisy’s help I’m getting my evenings back and we’re all getting much more sleep. Thanks so much Daisy it has changed our lives

Amanda, mum to Joshua and Lucas aged 5

Working with Daisy was the best thing we’ve ever done.
My little boy was waking every 30 minutes to an hour all night, since 4 months and we were exhausted parents! Daisy created a gentle approach sleep plan that suited our family. I was so surprised at how quick my little one adapted to every step, without any distress. We had constant contact over the 3 week plan and Daisy was always there for help and support when I needed it. We now have a happy little boy, who is getting the sleep he needs and me and my husband have got our evenings back! I would definitely recommend Daisy. She is kind, caring and so passionate about helping family struggling with sleep issues. I wish we’d contacted Daisy sooner!

Keira, mum to Ellis aged 7 months

It is no exaggeration to say that since working with Daisy our lives - our quality and enjoyment of life - have changed for the better!

After the initial newborn whirlwind, our baby slept relatively ‘well’…until the four month regression hit early and she started waking every 1-2 hours at night and napping for 35 mins max, usually only in a moving pram.

Being exclusively breastfed but not co-sleeping (she never seemed that keen on sharing my bed!), I was getting up to feed her every time she stirred or cried, as this seemed to be the only way to reliably get her back to sleep. Six months in I was, unsurprisingly, absolutely exhausted and quite broken. The frequent night wakings triggered my insomnia, so that even when the baby was asleep, I was often lying wide awake waiting for her to stir. Some nights I had only a couple of hours sleep. I wasn’t enjoying my days with her and felt very flat and low.

Daisy suggested a gentle approach which still included two night (dream) feeds initially - something I felt comfortable with as I didn’t want to go cold turkey on the feeds and worry the baby was hungry, even though she was over 6 months old. Daisy was positive, reassuring, motivating and supportive throughout, offering tailored advice and guidance.

Within a few nights the baby was sleeping through apart from these two dream feeds. Within a few weeks she was sleeping through from 7ish to 6ish with just the first dream feed. And she continues to do so - meaning I now regularly get 7 hours unbroken sleep at night - something I would have laughed at a couple of months ago as a total impossibility. She will also nap in her cot for up to 2 hours at a time if she fancies a good snooze!

We are all so much happier and well rested and actually able to relax into and enjoy our time together. Thank you so much Daisy for all your help! 🙏❤️

Lauren, mum to Orla age 6 months

When we first reached out to Daisy, I wasn’t sure if she could help but I didn’t know what else to do. Our 2 year old was waking up overnight multiple times and sometimes for an hour or so. We also had a newborn who was waking at different times so we were all very sleep deprived. Daisy was amazing, she devised a simple, easy to follow plan and supported us with implementing it. [Our son] took to it brilliantly and was sleeping through within a few nights. Now if he does wake (which is rare) we have a clear structure of how to respond to him. I now have a happier, well rested 2 year old and I only have the newborn wake ups to deal with. Thank you so much Daisy x

Mum to 2 year old

I had successfully sleep trained my older boy from a book and hoped the same would be true for my second little one. However nowhere that I read made allowances for working your baby’s sleep & nap schedule round a busy, noisy toddler. And all the post-lockdown colds & illnesses meant we’d make one step forward and two steps back. Daisy was wonderful. She gave us a schedule that worked around our personal routine. She was incredibly patient when we had to delay our start date due to illness, twice. Her plan was gentle but methodical and I genuinely felt like I was supporting my little one to learn a new skill rather than leaving him in any way. Taking the pressure off myself to ‘get him to sleep’ and helping him to do it himself was a huge weight off my shoulders. And slowly the anxiety about whether or not he’ll stay asleep has gone! We have our evenings back, I am exercising again because he naps so well and I have more time and energy for my husband and older boy. Absolutely the right decision for us and I couldn’t recommend Daisy more if you feel like it’s something that might help you and your family.

Jessie, mum to Oscar aged 6 months

When we first started working with Daisy, our 6 month old little boy was waking multiple times throughout the night. We were absolutely exhausted and had no time together as a couple. We were nervous about making any changes and wanted to take a very gentle approach. Daisy took all this on board when developing our plan, and now at the end of our work together our little boy is sleeping through the night. This has changed our lives completely and we can’t thank Daisy enough.

Rebecca, mum to Jonah aged 6 months

To begin with I was very apprehensive about paying for help to sleep train my daughter Ruth. But something needed to change. I found Daisy on Instagram and I liked her approach to sleep training. We had a couple of informal chats and afterwards I was under no pressure to pursue anything with Daisy. I decided I needed to improve Ruth’s sleep so I took the plunge to work with her, and I’m so glad I did! 

Daisy decided to do her first group programme with myself and 2 other mums. I loved this! We had a WhatsApp group and we’re able to ask for support and advice from each other and Daisy during the process. 

Before I started to work with Daisy, Ruth was waking up every 2 hours, and some nights even every half hour. The only way I could settle her is to feed her. So we were co-sleeping more and more, which I loved in one way but my back didn’t. I felt we would slept better apart, which would mean I would be able to cope better in the day. 

Daisy gave me our sleep plan and once we started to put it into place I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked. Night 2 and Ruth was sleeping between 11 and 12 hours! It was AMAZING how quickly it worked. Daisy also helped me to get more predictable naps with Ruth in the day and supported me when these naps weren’t going to plan if we were out and about. 

Now Ruth sleeps in her own room all night and when she wakes up, lies in her cot in the morning for a bit before she lets us know she’s awake and ready for breakfast. Because Ruth sleeps better at night she also manages much better in the day if she doesn’t get her proper sleeps if we are out and about.

Daisy has been amazing to work with and and I was so glad she decided to a group programme as it was so nice being able to speak to other mums in similar situations. Thank you Daisy! 

Fiona, mum to Ruth aged 6 months

After having a very good sleeper for the better part of 6/7 months the 8 month regression really hit us hard with our daughter. We had initially put it down to the usual suspects: teething, weaning, moving into her own room, being weaned off contact naps, reduction in her milk etc but as the weeks went on, I noticed that her naps had started getting shorter which meant that she was more irritable during the day as she simply wasn't getting enough sleep. Then her night time sleep was affected and we went from her being able to sleep through the night, to her waking up somedays every hour on the hour. Then the real cherry on top was her waking up from about 4am and not really going back down.
We left this for about 7 weeks in the hope it would "sort itself out", I had also changed up her routine a few times in an effort to find a solution to the problem (thank you Dr. Google) but nothing was working and the whole family was sleep deprived and frustrated. This is when a friend of a friend recommended Daisy and I immediately got in touch. Within a week she had put together a sleep plan that was specifically tailored for Leila (we were holding her to sleep and then placing her in her cot and when she woke up early in the morning I would have to sit on a chair in her room while she slept on me until morning time) and the idea was to go gently to get her to a point where she was able to self soothe so that when she did wake up during the night or early in the morning she would be able to get herself back to sleep.
Daisy was so supportive through the whole process and we had regular catchups and more importantly she was always a message away in case I needed a clarification or just some moral support. After three weeks of working together I can confirm that my little one is sleeping through the night again and her naps have improved so she is getting the sleep she needs in the day meaning she is calmer and happier. We are so very thankful to Daisy for guiding us through this journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to make a positive change to their families' sleep.

Rana, mum to Leila aged 8 months

We are so pleased that we decided to use Daisy as our sleep consultant. She has been kind, caring and knowledgeable the whole way along and we would absolutely recommend her to anybody who is interested in improving their sleep! We were slightly sceptical because our daughter can be stubborn and set in her ways but she has adapted so quickly using the methods outlined by Daisy. We are finding that our lifestyle is generally healthier as we are no longer too tired to engage in exercise and healthy eating, meaning our mental health has improved also. Well done Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting on improving the lives of tired mummies and daddies!

Sarah, mum to Olivia aged 22 months

Libby has always been a good sleeper, that's why it felt even more bizarre that we were looking to approach a sleep consultant when she was already sleeping through the night from 4 months old. Our problem however was that the process in getting Libby to sleep was becoming progressively more difficult causing a strain on our relationship with Libby because we just didn't understand what more we could do. My husband would only get a few hours with Libby a day after finishing work of which over half of those ended up being stressful with possibly hours of tears and an overtired baby finally sleeping due to exhaustion. We approached Daisy through a recommendation from a friend, she immediately put us at ease, providing us with lots of supporting information and set us up on a plan based on Libby's personality type which felt very tailored to our family.
Our goal was to be able to simply put Libby in the cot and she would do the rest - this happened within days! We couldn't believe it. Daisy supported us every step of the way offering catch up calls and messages whenever we needed an extra help or tweaks to the routine. Not only reducing the apprehension and sometimes dread of bedtime, it's also given us time back as a couple in the evenings as well as knowing our baby is happily drifting off to sleep on her own (she actually gets excited about bedtime now!).
We can't thank Daisy enough and would highly recommend Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting.

Charli and Leo, parents to Libby aged 11 months 

When I first asked Daisy for help, I couldn’t see a way out. But I knew it couldn’t get much worse?
My little Daisy was taking up to 3 hours to get to sleep at bedtime and had to have someone lay next to her in her bed. We would have to sneak out trying not to wake her because if she noticed we had gone, we had to start the whole process over again! Then during the night when she woke she had to have someone sleep next to her until morning. This could be anytime from around 10.30pm!!! Me and my husband weren’t sleeping in the same bed and weren’t getting any rest. On top of this, Daisy wasn’t well rested and wasn’t happy in bed herself!
Daisy put together a plan and within 2 weeks, my little Daisy was managing to fall asleep on her own in her bed within 10 minutes of putting her there. She also had a couple of full nights without any wake ups!
Working with Daisy has changed our lives. We actually get an evening, sleep in the same bed as each other and our little Daisy is well rested and actually asks to go bed!
I was also struggling with nighttime rage which I find much more able to deal with now we have a plan if she was to wake in the night.
The approach was gentle, barely any crying and Daisy flexed it to suit us and little Daisy whenever we needed.
I urge anyone who is thinking about it, to just do it. You won’t regret it!

Lauren, mum to Daisy aged 2.5 years

Daisy is now known as the baby whisperer in our family! Having previously used a sleep consultant and it not working out I was quite apprehensive but Daisy immediately put me at ease. She is incredibly relatable and you feel she really cares. We put a plan together and she held my hand throughout. What a difference - I now have a 1 year old who sleeps through & I feel much more confident that I can cope with the ups & downs. We even went away for 5 days, staying at 3 different places and it went brilliantly. Can't recommend Daisy enough.

Liz, mum to Ellie aged 11 months

Daisy was friendly, supportive and non-judgemental throughout and gave lots of advice, alternatives and suggestions when we came across an issue. Our daughter now has a regular sleeping routine where she puts herself to sleep without much fuss which is wonderful. I feel much less stressed about sleep and feel confident in how to manage different circumstances in the future. I would highly recommend Daisy, it was like working with a highly knowledgable friend!

Mum to 4 month old

Having a baby that doesn’t sleep really is the hardest and loneliest thing. As a FTM I was expecting to be tired, it goes with the territory when you have a new born, I wasn’t expecting to still be getting so little sleep 8 months in.

Jacob would wake every 2-3 hours in the night for a feed and had to be held until he fell asleep. I dreaded baby groups where everyone else seemed to have babies that slept well. I found there was a lot of judgement around using a sleep consultant and I put off contacting Daisy for some time, hoping things would improve. 

I’d researched various sleep consultants before I came across Daisy and there was something that just didn’t sit right with me when I read their approaches. I knew I couldn’t leave Jacob to cry (nor did I want to) and I wasn’t willing to go cold turkey on his night feeds, I was looking for a gentle achievable approach. My partner was sceptical about paying for something we could just “read online” but he wasn’t the one having the broken sleep! As the end of my maternity leave approached I knew I needed to do something, I was barely functioning and the thought of returning to work in that state was making me very anxious. I was also concerned about how Jacob would sleep as nursery we he couldn’t self-settle.

After the initial call with Daisy I just knew I was making the right decision, I warmed to her immediately, she was so understanding of our situation and there was no blame or judgement. When Daisy sent the plan a few days later my enthusiasm had turned to apprehension but upon reading it I was pleasantly surprised. The plan took into account everything I had discussed with Daisy and was tailored to Jacob and what we wanted to achieve. It was clear and easy to follow so I knew exactly what I needed to do every night, I really need not have been worried!

Jacob is pretty strong willed but we saw results very quickly which I was amazed at. He is now in his own room, having all his naps and night time sleep in his cot and settling himself to sleep…..this was unimaginable!! We can’t thank Daisy enough I couldn't have done it without her support and I would genuinely recommend her to anyone having issues with the little ones sleep. My only regret is not contacting Daisy sooner! 

Louise, mum to Jacob aged 8 months

This makes me so emotional to write this, but we can’t thank Daisy enough for helping us with our ur 5.5yo daughter Halle. She has always struggled with her sleep since birth, and we knew we had tried everything to help her but wasn’t implementing anything consistently and in the right way for Halles strong willed personality and also to suit our parenting style. She would refuse to let us leave her room and would often take up to two hours to settle and then would come in our bed from midnight and would have numerous tantrums for hours in the middle of the night with any attempt to put her back. 

After talking to Daisy that first time it was such a huge relief when she said she could help us and instantly felt there was light at the end of the tunnel. 

Fast forward 5 days into the plan and Halle was independently falling asleep and slept her first full night in her own bed!! She is now consistently self settling without us even being upstairs and sleeping the whole night through! A day we never thought would come! 

So many people tell you “they will grow out of it” but for us, things were only getting worse and we will never look back having reached to to Daisy! She implemented a gentle approach, encouraged us every step of the way and Halle received lots of praise from Daisy which was such a positive reinforcement for her. If you are thinking about whether this is right for you then I can only say I’ve been where you are, and I only wish we reached out sooner :) 

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you once again for EVERYTHING!! Literally life changing results for us Xx

Paris-Ann and Kellan, parents to 5.5 year old Halle

Daisy has changed our lives when it comes to sleep. Our 6 month old refused the cot, needed fed to sleep and was up 8+ times a night. Getting him down in the evening was often a battle that went on for hours as he was impossible to transfer once asleep.

We now have a baby that self settles in a few minutes and sleeps 7-7 with 1-2 feeds. (The feeding was our choice, Daisy would have supported us to remove night feeds completely if we wanted.)

I am very anti cry it out so Daisy was sure to implement a gentle method that slowly withdrew support. 

There were of course some tough nights and some frustration from both sides but I’ve since realised that a few difficult days and nights to teach him how to sleep was much kinder than essentially withholding sleep from him when he only knew how to sleep in very specific conditions.

Since working with Daisy his development has massively accelerated and he’s a much happier and calmer baby as he’s getting so much more sleep at night.

Alison, mum to Alfie aged 6 months

Our biggest challenges with our son's sleep were relying on feeding to sleep and not being able to put him down for naps. He’d also be waking far too early in the morning. He was 1 years old now and although feeding to sleep and contact naps weren’t an issue when he was younger, it just wasn’t working for us anymore, it wasn’t practical going forward, he wasn’t getting enough day sleep and I wasn’t getting anything else done.

I’ll be honest, I was initially skeptical about working with a sleep consultant because I thought that it would all get resolved naturally in time or I could just fix the sleep issues by following some information from the internet but I soon realised after working with Daisy that there’s so much you don’t get from the internet. She created a plan based on many things, one of which being our sons temperament and I said from the start that I’d like her to do a home visit so she could see what it’s like with him when putting him in his bed awake. I felt this was necessary beforehand and during the time she was here, I realised that her support was invaluable too. After that we had her full support and guidance via calls and messaging. However, within days our son was going into bed awake for naps and for the night! Fast forward a month and he actually signals to go to bed by pointing and saying bye bye! He’s happy to go to bed whereas before he would scream and cry relentlessly. We’re still absolutely amazed by the transformation, we’re far less stressed, we can rest/do housework/prepare dinner and our son is getting better quality and longer sleeps. Bedtime doesn’t take over an hour either and we have our evenings back! It all feels lovely now and as it should be. Our only regret is that we didn’t contact Daisy sooner.

Natalia, mum to Harris aged 1

Until you’ve experienced long-term sleep deprivation and exhaustion you honestly don’t understand how it can affect every aspect of your life. You feel like your heads full of cotton wool, you’re forgetful, short-tempered and struggle to find joy in things you used to enjoy, because you become obsessed with sleep (or lack thereof). With my husband working long hours I was struggling with the bedtime juggle alone on 2-3 hours broken sleep a night after a busy day at work myself. To be honest I was sceptical about whether Daisy would be able to help us. How on earth could a stranger help with our 16month old son, Luca, and almost 3 year old, Isabella, after years of awful sleep, which was still at 8-10 wakes on average a night with a wake up of 4:30am?! I’d tried everything suggested but it got to the stage where I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. From the start Daisy was amazing, she was so understanding and non-judgemental, and really wanted to help, having been in this situation herself. We had lengthy teams meetings and she provided a detailed plan covering every eventuality. She fully respected that I didn’t want to leave Luca to cry and incorporated this into a very gentle plan. She was available via message or calling if I needed any help, sent video messages for Isabella (who was a very keen and proud “Sleep Helper”) and was a cheerleader when I was still sceptical after he slept through on the first night!! It sounds unbelievable, but after 2 weeks of working with Daisy, Luca, who at best (and rarely) had slept for 3-4hours, is now consistently sleeping in his cot for 11-12 hours a night, and waking at 6am or later! There have been no prolonged periods of distressed crying and he wakes happy and refreshed rather than tired and upset. We honestly cannot thank her enough, it has changed all 4 of our lives already and I’m excited to think this could be how good it is in the long term. If you’re contemplating contacting her, do it now, my only regret is that we  didn’t do it years ago!

Emma, mum to Luca aged 16 months

Heard about Daisy from a friend. Extremely happy we got in touch. We have seen big improvements in our daughter’s sleep which means we are all a lot happier! Thank you so much Daisy.

Sian, mum to 13 month old Lottie

What can I say! Daisy is incredible. She just knows what you need and what your baby needs.
I was at the end of my tether not only was Max waking in the night for his bottle he was starting to wake for the day at 04.30. His naps were only 30 minutes and only happened if he was being rocked or in his pushchair.
Daisy was able to understand Max’s temperament and develop  a plan around this and really listened to the fact I didn’t want a cry it out method. From here she gave us 1-1 support through calls, emails and messages, whatever we needed. Within the first few nights we saw a huge change!
Today Max sleeps throughout the night, no night feeds, no early morning wakes. Naps are at least an hour and I’m able to pop him in the cot wide awake and he’s able to fall asleep without any crying or rocking needed. Never did I think we would be able to get to this point.
Thanks to Daisy we have been able to get out life back!

Sundeep, mum to Max aged 10 months

If you are even considering help with your child's sleep, don't look anywhere else except Daisy! Not only is she lovely, but her plans and support are 100% individualised to match the issue, child's personality and your parenting style (for example is really supportive of breastfeeding still being part of your sleep plan). It worked, and we felt comfortable and supported the whole way. Plus Daisy teaches you so much about why you are doing what you are doing, that even when we've hit bumps after the support has ended, we've been able to manage them and get back on track without slipping back into the world of sleep deprivation. I would recommend her to anyone 🙂

Dawn, mum to Theo aged 10 months

A friend told us about Daisy's sleep consultancy. I was very sceptical as I had googled many 'solutions' which hadn't worked, also the wonders of social media made me feel guilty for even considering the support. But my partner wanted to use Lavender Blue following 6 months of hourly wake ups, lots of crying and hours of trying to get the baby to nap. So I agreed.

Daisy was very kind, patient and responsive - and we got results within days! We used a gentle approach and adjusted our night and nap routines. Now both me and my partner can calm her if upset and she usually now sleeps about 12hrs with 1 dream feed (our choice to keep the feed). Her naps are now a lot less stressful and she can sleep in the cot, sling, pram or car and on me without tears! We feel better equipped for future changes in patterns.

Best money we've ever spent.

Mum to 6 month old

If you are struggling with anything to do with sleep don’t hesitate to contact Daisy. She has honestly transformed our lives. We have gone from 2 hours sleep a night with 3 hours just to put our 14 month old to bed. Then after an hour he would end up in our bed.
After following a 2 week programme with the lovely Daisy, Joshy now sleeps straight through the night 7.30pm -8am (obviously the odd occasion of illness etc does impact that).
I can not recommend her enough. Our little boy is happier and so are we.
Thank you so much Daisy! X

Jon and Lizzy, parents to Joshy aged 14 months

When our second child myles was born, my husband and I was prepared to not get much sleep for the next few weeks but we expected he would settle down into a routine relatively quick like our daughter Mia did.

However this was not the case at all! After three months of surviving on sometimes as little as a couple of hours sleep a night with no sign of improvement,
we were desperate and knew something needed to change.

We had been busy reading articles on the internet, buying books and trying tips from family and friends but nothing seemed to work. I came across a leaflet from Daisy and decided to get in touch for an initial consultation to see if she might be able to help.

Daisy was positive she could help us and was confident that we could start seeing results within a few days if we listened to her advice and took her plan on board once it had been prepared.

Unbelievably, after putting Daisy’s plan into action we did indeed start seeing improvements in myles’ sleep within days.

He went from having no naps in the day and waking every half an hour in the night to now having regular naps in the day and sleeping mostly all the way through the night.

The impact Daisy has had on our family is absolutely huge and cannot recommend Daisy enough. Getting in touch with Daisy is one of the best decisions our family has ever made.

Sophie, mum to Myles aged 4 months

Daisy is a miracle worker! I could not recommend enough, she helped us go from waking every hour or less to a full nights sleep in no time at all. She is so lovely, personable and takes a genuine interest in how it is all going. If you are looking for sleep help for your little one, contact Daisy!

Sophie, mum to George aged 8 months

Daisy was amazing!! We had a very a stubborn little man on our hands and Daisy listened and was always at hand to help!! We had a baby that would only sleep on my chest and wake multiple times during the night to now a baby who naps and sleeps 10.5 hours a night!

Jessica, mum to Albie aged 8 months

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Daisy. She is kind, professional and empathetic, with incredible passion for helping families achieve better sleep. Daisy really understood our baby’s personality and specific needs, developing an individualised, holistic plan.

We had tried many techniques ourselves before contacting Daisy, but no method seemed to be working and our baby was waking up throughout the night and catnapping often during the day. We were keen to use the mildest sleep training method possible for our family, and Daisy offered us such a gentle approach to implement. Our child responded incredibly positively to the plan, even going through a developmental leap after starting to work with Daisy. We noticed results literally from the first night of trying Daisy’s plan. Our child was sleeping through the night in a matter of days, self-settling without us needing to go into the nursery. One hour naps are now the norm, rather than catnaps.

Our whole family has a lot more energy, and I now look forward to bedtime as a relaxing time for bonding with my baby. We are incredibly grateful for everything Daisy has done to support our family and return our good night’s sleep! I really recommend Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting for any family experiencing issues with their child’s sleep. It has changed our lives for the better in a matter of weeks.

Rosalind, mum to Henry aged 6 months

Daisy was fantastic at guiding us through the tailor made sleep plan and was always on hand with support and to answer any questions. Although difficult at times (which we were expecting and Daisy was very honest and clear on this), the process has been quick and effective and we now have a baby who sleeps through the night in her own cot compared to last month when she would only sleep on me! This has been transformative and has massively improved our lives.

Alice, mum to Jessica aged 10 months

Daisy was absolutely amazing and so supportive of our sleep issues with our little boy. She is so dedicated and absolutely worth the cost! Even when we overran on time and our LO was still not sleeping as well as we hoped, she stuck with us and helped us to get there in the end. Thank you so much for all your hard work Daisy, we really appreciate it!

Natasha, mum to Monty aged 6 months

Before working with Daisy, my 8-month-old daughter would wake sometime between 45 and 90 minutes every night. We finally decided enough was enough and got in touch.

She really listened to our individual needs, as a family, and made sure they were incorporated into our tailor-made sleeping plan.

Daisy often checked in to see how we were getting on (but not in an intrusive way) and was only a message away, whenever we needed it. She is encouraging and supportive but also realistic and honest in what is achievable, which we appreciated.

We were provided with the tools and know-how to a better night's sleep. Now, my little one is sleeping between 4 and 6 hours in the night without waking.

Thank you, Daisy!

Alison, mum to Lily aged 8 months

Three weeks ago we had 4 month old baby who would wake at least every hour throughout the night (quite often it felt like he was waking every 5-20 mins). Each time he woke we had to rock him back to sleep in our arms and whenever we put him in his crib he would wake up crying within minutes. He therefore spent most of the night sleeping in our arms. Needless to say we were exhausted! Naps were also a disaster. Having already had one child that didn't sleep until they were three years old, I knew we needed to get help asap. I am SO pleased that we decided to work with Daisy! She has been absolutely brilliant. Daisy put together a very clear plan for us that was easy to follow. She was so supportive and provided regular guidance. She always answered any questions we had and she did not give up until we'd achieved our sleep goals! Yes, sleep training can be hard, but having Daisy at the end of the phone made it so much more manageable. Daisy was kind and understanding and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any other parent who needed help. Our baby can now fall asleep (in his crib) by himself and sleep through until morning (with a couple of feeds as he's still so little). This was unimaginable a few weeks ago. He is also napping during the day (in his cot) like an absolute trooper. Again, amazing!! I now feel so much more confident when it comes to dealing with his sleep. I used to get really stressed every time he woke up crying, but, now I know exactly what to do so feel much calmer. We're all getting much more sleep now and our health is so much better for it. We also now have the energy to give both our children the attention they need. And we actually had time to sit down as a couple for the first time in months!
Working with Daisy has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! Thank you so much :0)

Louise, mum to Sebastian aged 4 months

Daisy’s sleep plan was extremely useful and helped us to establish a sleep routine. Now our baby violet sleeps and we have achieved normality in our house.

James, dad to Violet aged 9 months

Cannot thank Daisy enough for her non-judgemental help with our 5 month old. We have exclusively co slept since birth but baby starting to show signs of independent sleep so wanted to gently transition into a cot. After a phone call with Daisy we made 2 small changes and now baby is sleeping 8/9 hours in her cot with some light resettling when needed. We are super happy with this for the time being, next step will be falling to sleep independently and if we struggle Daisy will be my first port of call for sure.

Thank you so much


Claire, mum to Madi aged 5 months

Honestly the best money I have spent! My son was a nightmare for bed time would be in our bed constantly and would not go to sleep at a reasonable time! Since having Daisy help us he is in bed for 7:30 and more recently has been sleeping through!! Daisy is a god send she’s amazing and cannot help you enough! Thankyou so so much!!

Georgia, mum to Jenson age 3

Speaking with Daisy was just what I needed to give me the confidence to try different things with my 7 month old. She was reassuring, and pointed out the things we were already doing which were good and then suggested where to make slight changes. The difference after a couple of nights was amazing and I can't thank Daisy enough for showing that consistency pays off and giving me the confidence to stick to it! Xx

Emma and Mathew, parents to Ivy age 7 months

When our 4 1/2 year old daughter’s sleep plan came through, we thought, ‘yeah right, as if this is going to work!’ - yet merely a few days later we had already managed to get our daughter to sleep without the need to sit and hold her hand! Over the course of the weeks, we made it out of the room and now she settles herself to sleep really quickly. We were also struggling with early waking and getting up in the night - both situations are now much better managed with her paying attention to her grow clock and settling quickly in the night if she does wake. You just have to trust the process! Daisy’s personalised plan gave us the tools and confidence to follow through on the consequences of not following sleep rules and we’re all far happier - and well rested! Thank you Daisy! X

Leanne, mum to Holly age 4 years

I just cannot recommend Daisy highly enough. She is so easy to talk to and listens to everything you say. She has a very gentle calm approach and it really works!!
After spending time in hospital with my son he refused to sleep alone and we were stuck in a rut. Now he goes to sleep like a dream and doesn’t get up until the morning - we have our evenings back and a good nights sleep too!!
If you’re wondering whether to take the plunge DO IT! You won’t regret it!

Lizzie, mum to Noah age 4

I have worked with Daisy in the last few weeks and I cannot recommend her enough! Not only because she gave me my night sleep back but also because she is really professional, experienced, clear in her advice and very nice to work with! Before her I was going to bed sure to have another bad night of poor sleep and if I was lucky for some random reason my baby would wake up around 4 am. Now I go to sleep sure that I will get my night of sleep and this made everything look bright and positive again!! my baby now finally sleeps through the night! thank you Daisy!

Simona, mum to Mia age 7 months

A sleep specialist for my 2 year old was an absolute last resort for us. We were at the end of our tether and having to function at work and be the mummy (and family) I wanted us to be was becoming impossible.
Daisy's passion and enthusiasm is evident from the very first interaction. Her communication is brilliant; she checked in daily and we spoke on the phone at least twice a week. My little monster took slightly longer to get sorted than the average child but Daisy stuck with us knowing how hard i worked at it and how dedicated I really was to the process. She went above and beyond and it felt like she wanted the sleep issues sorted as much as we did and the fact my boy now sleeps through, is totally able to self soothe and no longer needs a bottle in the night is unbelievable. The 4am starts are now 6am which i didnt think was achievable.
Both myself and my boy wake up rested and most importantly of all, we are happy and full of beans. We've had 3 days of sleeping through now and i know already this will change our lives.
It took me a while to accept I needed help, but thank goodness I did. It was so worth it.
Forever grateful to Daisy for supporting me through it and empowering me to keep going and stay strong.

India, mum to Thiago age 2

We cannot recommend Daisy enough!

We decided to look into a sleep consultant as we really were struggling with our 8 month old. Daisy really stood out to us because of the amazing reviews on her website.

Ava would wake every 2 hours most nights and was really hard to get back down to sleep.

We were sleep deprived, because of this we got into some bad habits, we put her in the bed most nights - anything for a little extra sleep.

From the moment we spoke to Daisy she made us feel really reassured, through the whole process. She supported us through and by sticking to the plan, by night 3 we were having longer stretches of sleep, by night 4 we were sleeping through! Daisy also helped us with day time naps, Ava would sleep for 20/30 minutes tops and could never self soothe herself to sleep for a nap, but she now naps for an hour at a time.

We are so happy with the outcome, I cannot stress how much we would recommend working with Daisy!

Rebecca, mum to Ava aged 8 months

I could not rate Daisy highly enough. We were in a really low place and I was quite desperate. 10 months of no more than 2 hours sleep at a time, 2 weeks later and our daughter sleeps for 12 hours with a dream feed. The fog is now starting to lift and I really regret not seeking help sooner. My daughter is happier/ has more energy and is making increasing developmental leaps. I have referred Daisy to many of my friends which speaks for itself!

Victoria, mum to Autumn aged 7 months

100% recommend Lavender Blue!!

We were totally exhausted & tearing our hair out with our 11mo LBs sleep (or lack of). He would only fall asleep on our bed, with one of us lying next to him & would wake up almost every hour, crying if he was in his cot (after each sleep cycle), resulting in just having him in with us to get some sleep. I was so dubious that Daisy's plan for him wouldn't work, but she really gave me the confidence to do what needed to be done to get him to sleep in his own cot (without feeling like the worst parent in the world) & almost the whole night through! With her on-hand WhatsApp support, gentle 'weaning' guidance & sleep spreadsheet to track it all, I cant praise her enough!

The first couple of nights were tough, but he soon got used to it & by the end of the first week, we could pop him straight in his cot without the tears & now falls asleep within 5/10 mins - he'd finally learnt to self soothe!

Thank you so much, Daisy x

Christie mum to 11 month old

After a year of no sleep and trying everything I could, I needed help. I have been following sleep consultants on instagram but none of them were local (or in the UK) . I googled 'Sleep Consultants near me' and Daisy was VERY local to me. I know I wouldn't be meeting with her in person, but I felt better knowing she was nearby.
She listened to my troubles, needs and routine and emailed me my plan. I was very sceptical at first - it wasn't much different to what I was already doing. But even the little changes she gave me, made a world of difference!
Honestly wish I had sought her out sooner, and would highly recommend her to anyone else having troubles with their little ones sleeping. Don't leave it until you're barely functioning!

Amie mum to Maisie aged 12 months

Daisy is magic! I never thought my child would sleep without me, he always fed to sleep & throughout the night & after a year of nightly broken & minimal sleep I decided enough was enough. I was super anxious about taking this step, but Daisy was really understanding & reassuring & made sure our plan was as gentle as possible. I honestly didn’t think it would work, even going into the first night, but he was asleep in his own cot in just over 40 minutes. Every night since he has slept in his own bed all night. We’ve had minimal wakes & the process has got easier every night. Without Daisy I would not have been able to do this, she has been the support I needed all along. Anytime I was struggling she gave me the reassurance I needed to continue & throughout she has just been so relatable, friendly & easy to talk to. I couldn’t have asked for a better result than me & my baby both getting more & better quality sleep! Thank you for all your help Daisy!

Sam mum to Caleb aged 11 months

Such a wonderful service. I was giving my 17month old 4 feeds a night as standard but with the help of Daisy, my baby girl is now sleeping through. By night 3 we had seen a transformation in her sleeping pattern. I felt totally equipped to face each night knowing the strategies we needed to do. I can’t recommend this service enough. Life changing, I feel human again!

Amy mum to 17 month old

If you are struggling with sleepless nights, please work with Daisy! She certainly knows her stuff.
We were stuck in a rut with our 21 month old, doing whatever we could to get him to go back to sleep. He would often wake for hours on end every night, we would rock him, feed him, take him into our bed, take him downstairs, take him in the car, play lullabies, play nothing, turn off the nightlight, turn on the nightlight... You get the drift. It was hell. And nothing seemed to work. His morning wake up time was 4am. I'd had enough. My husband found Daisy and I jumped at the chance to contact her, although I was sceptical- we'd already tried everything so what could Daisy suggest that was different to what we'd already done? I was wrong, very very wrong!
From the very initial contact, Daisy was friendly, understanding and really listened to the problem. She created a plan for us and we were excited to get started. The first night came and we had several night wake ups as usual, BUT I was so much calmer knowing there was a set plan to stick to. Bedtime and overnight were far less stressful even with the wake ups. Fast forward a few weeks and we are now getting a few nights all the way through and a couple of nights with just one or two quick wake ups. Our morning now starts at 6am instead of 4 and I actually feel refreshed. My boys behaviour has improved and he seems less upset throughout the day. I wish we'd have found Daisy sooner because she is a miracle worker. The approach she used listened to what I wanted, and what we didn't want, was tailored to our specific needs and has solved all sorts of problems. I cannot thank Daisy enough, nor recommend her highly enough! All our love and appreciation. X

Rebecca mum to Ronan aged 20 months

I was always cynical about sleep training. However work was starting within a month, my partner worked away and my little one (almost 1 year old) was up every hour or 2 needing fed back to sleep. I was wanting to stop feeding as I was just fully touched out. After speaking to family and friends, I thought I had to give it a go and if it didn’t work then I’d just make peace with the broken sleep for another few years!
I tried a sleep training programme a friend sent me but it didn’t work with my little one so it added to my cynical attitude to sleep training but I was at desperate times!
Roll on meeting Daisy - from the free call, she seemed so positive and confident she could help. She really listened to what our goals were & was complimentary of all the routines and steps we had implemented so far. My goals were to reduce feeds, less wake ups (didn’t necessarily think 0 would be possible) & more consistency. The first night, we had 1 wake up!!! 1!!! I’d gone from 7 or 8 to 1!!!! Having Daisy on text or the phone call every couple days was soo good to be like “is this normal?” “I feel like this…” and Daisy would just put me at ease straight away and I absolutely needed that hand held service when it came to something as sensitive as sleep.
Now we are a month on from starting & I have a boy who was happy before but is happier now. I have a boy who goes into his crib & knows where he is, feels safe enough to take himself to sleep within minutes, his family that can put him down if I am not there with no issue. On a selfish note, I am now able to focus on what needs to be done on that day. I have energy to exercise again. I feel myself actually concentrating on conversations again. I feel I can return to work now to make decisions without being a mum!
Yes the outlay can seem expensive but I’d pay it twice over if I knew how much of my family's life it’d impact! And I couldn’t have done it without Daisy for those 2 weeks. Thanks Daisy!!

Jillian mum to Brodie aged 10 months

Daisy has supported us with getting our almost 4 year old into better sleeping routines and it has made a huge difference in all aspects of our lives, we’re now in a much happier, less sleep deprived place. I thought we’d tried everything over the last 3 and half years and was reluctant to spend money on a sleep consultant but I can honestly say that this was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. The investment is worth every penny, our daughter has gone from taking upto and often over an hour to go to bed and waking up for several hours in the night to being asleep within 10 mins and if she now wakes in the night she goes straight back to sleep. Daisy has been so supportive, to both us and our daughter and we are so grateful for what she’s done for us.

Anthony and Emma parents to Millie aged 3 years

Daisy has supported us with getting our almost 4 year old into better sleeping routines and it has made a huge difference in all aspects of our lives, we’re now in a much happier, less sleep deprived place. I thought we’d tried everything over the last 3 and half years and was reluctant to spend money on a sleep consultant but I can honestly say that this was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. The investment is worth every penny, our daughter has gone from taking upto and often over an hour to go to bed and waking up for several hours in the night to being asleep within 10 mins and if she now wakes in the night she goes straight back to sleep. Daisy has been so supportive, to both us and our daughter and we are so grateful for what she’s done for us.

Gabriel and Andreea parents to Heather aged 6 months

Really supportive and great results, has a very detailed plan which is specifically dedicated to your children's needs, would definitely recommend.

Molly-Anne mum to Elijah aged 3 years 3 months

Daisy was brilliant with us from the get go, I was waking up with my son every hour throughout the night before we had Daisy’s help and now he sleeps from 7 until 7 on a regular basis. The process was as gentle as possible and she really listened to our families needs. We had a goal to improve my son's sleep at night and to improve his naps as he was taking an hour to put down and only sleeping for half an hour. My expectations were by far exceeded with my son now being able to self settle, sleep through the night and nap for longer. Daisy’s help has been invaluable and has improved my whole families quality of life, i would 100% recommend her to anyone that was struggling with little ones sleep.

Katie mum to Arlo aged 8 months

After many many months of sleepless nights, I had reached exhaustion, as a mom I was burnt out, as a partner I was burnt out and I had no more capacity to neither take care of myself nor of my family. I was referred to Daisy through a friend's doula. I must say I was skeptical in the beginning, was it possible that my 8 month old will do a full night sleep and nap on his own?!! I can tell you, after 3 weeks of working with Daisy my life has changed completely, you read it right, not only does my 9 month old do full nights, he also naps alone and in his cot (both were my major challenges). The best part of it all is that the method adapted to his character was relatively easy with little crying. It was easy on us as his parents. Daisy was the person I needed to be able to support me on this journey of training my son to sleep alone and for long, she was extremely supportive, reactive, proactive and most importantly non judgemental even when I broke down multiple times throughout the process. She is the person any mom and parent would need when seeking to get back sleep and therefore life back. I cannot explain any further how my life has truly changed, I am a way happier person than I was at the beginning of this journey. Daisy THANK YOU.

Sabine mum to Kai 8 months

After 13 months of sleepless nights and numerous efforts of trying unsuccessful online methods, a friend recommended Daisy. At first we were very sceptical and thought it would be very much of the same of what we had already tried. But after so long without any sleep and getting up to our baby 10+ times a night. We decided to contact Daisy to see if she could help. Daisy initially carried out an in depth and thorough assessment of our baby’s personality traits and behaviour type. She gave us time to explain what had been happening during the day and night and what our ultimate goals would be. Our plan was tailored to our baby and even though she had never met him, it was like she knew him already.

We signed up to the 2 week plan and admittedly the first night was very challenging, by the third night he was sleeping through the night. Daisy tailored a plan that suited our son perfectly. She helped us with our routine, naps and bedtimes but most of all being able to put our son to sleep without rocking him and being able to leave the room. He now points to his cot at bedtime and goes straight to sleep. Daisy has been fantastic and we couldn’t recommend her enough, we are now a family who all sleep at night and will always be forever grateful for her help.

Mandy mum to Harvey 12 months

I was cynical to begin with but at the outset I was happy to accept any improvement in our youngest's sleep situation, however minor.

So I was ecstatic when following the clear advice from Daisy and the two-week plan she advised, that our youngest is now sleeping through for 12 hours and all we have to do is put him in his cot and walk away....and have an evening to enjoy! Far exceeded my expectations.

Jodie mum to Thomas aged 15 months

Daisy was fantastic, really helpful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and friendly. Our 3 year old loved the videos she sent as part of the process and the rewards and mindfulness activities really helped to get her on board with the whole process. The success we had was beyond anything that we ever thought we'd achieve. Within 10 days of starting the process we went from having 3 hour battles with our daughter to get her to even get into bed and then having to either sit with her, or lay in her bed, for anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours before she finally fell asleep to her getting into bed happily and willingly and falling asleep without either parent in her room within 15 minutes. This has stood the test of various illnesses and ailments, and even with a lot of issues interfering with her sleep, she has still managed to get into bed, stay in bed when she wakes up, and get back to sleep quickly and happily. The change to all of our lives has been massive and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Parents to 3.5 year old

Daisy was brilliant, she got to know us as a family and our little girl's personality so she understood our needs and what would suit us. After a week our little girl was sleeping 12 hours a night and settling herself. Couldn't recommend Daisy enough.

Amber-Rose mum to Wren aged 13 months

The sleep deprivation was too much to bear and I was too numb to even cry about it. After 2 whole years of endless wake ups 4 or 5 times. every. single. night. 2 hour bedtime routines (because I didn't know how to make my child sleep), co-sleeping, night time milk, breastfeeds, crying, I felt so very lonely. It was miserable, relentless and I was unrecognisable, demotivated and all out of ideas and hope to help our 2 year old sleep. My husband and I tried various things, and of course scoured the internet for answers, but nothing we did worked, even I was tired of hearing myself complain and feeling like a parent failure. We had a very charismatic, active and strong willed little girl. She just didn't sleep well; we had gotten unlucky in that department. "It doesn't get better, you just learn to cope with it, right?" I couldn't believe it would get better because it hadn't yet and I had already wished away so many milestones. Next month will be the month... I just prayed, there was no plan.

That was a month ago. Now our daughter has a 20 min bedtime routine, she puts herself into bed, (waves mummy goodnight) and she doesn't wake from her bed until the sun on her clock tells her to in the morning. No more night wakings, no reliance on milk, or mummy.

What a miracle!!! So you want to know the secret, the magic tip?

It's what Daisy enabled for us and the confidence she created. She listened to our family's needs and tailored a detailed plan to suit us, in a very structured way. The process was personal and supportive. Yes it posed challenges and I had my doubts, but there was no bigger challenge than where we were already at. 7 days into a 3 week programme and what a difference, we couldn't believe it!! It was money well spent.

Daisy is professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy as well as kind and relatable. I thought seeking help via a sleep consultant was something that only happened in America or films. My husband, reading the paper one day, came across her business. We researched it a little, made contact and although nervous to put our faith in this, we said we would only regret not trying. So we committed and after our initial chat with Daisy, we just knew this was a positive decision.

Daisy has changed our lives and everyone is happier, including our daughter.

We will be forever grateful. Thank you.

Mum to 2 year old

A friend told us about Daisy's sleep consultancy. I was very sceptical as I had googled many 'solutions' which hadn't worked, also the wonders of social media made me feel guilty for even considering the support. But my partner wanted to use Lavender Blue following 6 months of hourly wake ups, lots of crying and hours of trying to get the baby to nap. So I agreed.

Daisy was very kind, patient and responsive - and we got results within days! We used a gentle approach and adjusted our night and nap routines. Now both me and my partner can calm her if upset and she usually now sleeps about 12 hrs with 1 dream feed (our choice to keep the feed). Her naps are now a lot less stressful and she can sleep in the cot, sling, pram or car and on me without tears! We feel better equipped for future changes in patterns.

Best money we've ever spent.

Mum to 6 month old

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