We are so pleased that we decided to use Daisy as our sleep consultant. She has been kind, caring and knowledgeable the whole way along and we would absolutely recommend her to anybody who is interested in improving their sleep! We were slightly sceptical because our daughter can be stubborn and set in her ways but she has adapted so quickly using the methods outlined by Daisy. We are finding that our lifestyle is generally healthier as we are no longer too tired to engage in exercise and healthy eating, meaning our mental health has improved also. Well done Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting on improving the lives of tired mummies and daddies!

Sarah, mum to Olivia aged 22 months

Penny has been a contact napper for such a long time and since moving out of her crib we had been cosleeping. This meant no time to myself or to spend one on one with my older daughter. 
Daisy really listened to our situation, especially the fact I wanted to keep the night feeds as Penny is breastfed. Penny’s plan was easy to follow and we noticed a difference after just a couple of days! 
Since we have found our routine I have noticed Penny is much happier and alert between naps and the whole family has been positively impacted. I get time to read with my older daughter without Penny being with us and my husband and I have reclaimed our bed. 
I didn’t expect Penny to find a routine so quickly and I am so grateful for everything Daisy has done.

Sarah, mum to Penny aged 8 months

Okay, so where to start, Daisy has been absolutely fantastic in helping us get to such a great place with sleep.

I’ve gone from having a baby that wakes up at least every two hours throughout the night to waking up once or not at all. If she does wake it’s simply just going into her room and shushing her and she’s asleep within a minute or two.

The fact that I’m now getting full nights sleep is amazing but also Everly seems so much happier too.

The other thing that has been so great is that bedtime is now so quick, I simply feed her and leave her after a minute and she drifts off on her own meaning I have time to spend with my little boy - she does the same now for naps too. 

Sleep training was so calm and gentle Everly was never left to cry at all as that’s something I wouldn’t want to do. Now I look back at it and I can’t believe how quickly my baby has adjusted. My husband now even comments how well she has done. 

There were a few occasions where I wasn’t quite sure what to do and Daisy was so helpful in talking to about what I wanted to achieve and then planning what the right thing to do was. And just generally being there to talk about it, to sympathise, and to encourage me that we could do it. 

I was slightly sceptical about whether sleep training could work if you are breastfeeding on demand, and it really has worked amazingly.

I honestly can’t thank Daisy enough, for the plan she came up with, for helping me, for listening to me overall she’s made getting a full night sleep actually feel easy.

Amy, mum to Everly aged 10 months

For over 2 years we have put up with sleepless nights from our daughter Sophia. A combination of waking during the night and wanting to get in our bed in the early hours of the morning has left us all sleep deprived.

Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting has changed all that. After a very detailed consultation Daisy gave us a plan that was easy to implement and sympathetic to Sophia's and our family's needs.

But what made the process both achievable and enjoyable was Daisy's regular contact during the process. Sophia loved the special video messages of encouragement and recognition of her success that Daisy sent.

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their bed time routine to get in touch with Daisy.

 Sophia will now sleep all night in her own bed and it has made a world of difference to the whole family. Thank you Daisy, you have been amazing.

Gemma, mum to Sophia aged 4.5 years

When we started working with Daisy, we were up with our little boy every two hours, he was completely incapable of self settling, his bedtime routine was never consistent and as a result we were walking zombies and at our wits end! Daisy was kind, understanding, supportive and extremely knowledgable and was able to provide us with a personalised plan quickly, we noticed a difference within days. It was hard going at times as our son is very strong willed and stubborn but Daisy was always able to provide us with the reassurance and support we needed on those difficult days and always reminded us how much progress we were making! We now have our little boy in bed and asleep for 7PM with minimal fuss so we have our evenings back and compared to 6 or 7 wake ups per night, we are now down to 1 or 2 with minimal fuss. We are so close to a full nights sleep which I never thought would be possible so can't thank Daisy enough!

Emily, mum to Stanley aged 8 months

Daisy has made a world of difference to us all. Before we started working with her our two boys (4 years old and 2.5 years old) were both breastfed to sleep at the start and throughout the night and would always end up in our bed. And my husband would go and sleep in one of their beds. The boys had always bedshared with us and we never had a problem with them doing so, we loved all the extra snuggles. But we decided that we all needed to start sleeping better and not feel so tired during the day.

I had a quick chat with Daisy and immediately knew she could help us. She's so lovely, helpful, caring and passionate about what she does. It was so important to us that the transition was kind to the boys and that they weren't at all distressed. Daisy completely understood and I had no hesitation signing up with her there and then.

And the results were so fast (it still blows our minds!). Our 2.5yo is VERY strong willed and we really thought it was going to be a struggle with him. The boys share a room too so there was always the worry that one would wake up the other one. But both boys took to it all so incredibly well. One week after we started the 2.5yo took only 1 minute to fall asleep and then slept through. After 2 weeks he was consistently sleeping through. Our 4yo started sleeping through most nights from within the first week.

Our 4yo really enjoyed having chats with Daisy. She explained things to him, gave him an important job in it all, encouraged him and congratulated him when he slept through.

We'd previously used Google to look for advice on getting the boys to sleep better and we also bought a GroClock. Nothing worked. Having Daisy give us clear bespoke guidance and advice was really empowering and invaluable. It gave us so much confidence and meant that we were both on the same page. There wasn't any doubt or second guessing. We had the plan and we stuck to it. With Daisy's ongoing support and regular calls we were able to ask questions as we went through the different stages.

It's been a wonderful experience and I absolutely cannot recommend Daisy enough.

She's a sleep miracle worker!

Roxy, mum to Spencer aged 4 and Harrison aged 2

I found Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting on Instagram and got lucky - our darling son Zayd was waking 8+ times a night and could only be settled by us rocking him back to sleep, only for him to wake up again as soon as we placed him in his cot. His naps were touch and go and we were exhausted and at our wits end. Daisy far, far exceeded our expectations for sleep training and her methods were so gentle and in keeping with our parenting values that we felt reassured from the start. It only took a couple of weeks before Zayd was sleeping from 07:30-07:00 most nights with minimal to no wake ups. We are so confident thanks to Daisy that (without revealing her methods!) if Zayd does happen to wake up in the night or refuse to nap in the day, we have the tools to ensure he puts himself gently back to sleep. This was unimaginable for us 4 weeks ago. Thank you Daisy/Lavender Blue Sleep Consulting - we are finally able to sleep uninterrupted. Your service is priceless and we will be recommending you to everyone we know!

Mimi, mum to Zayd aged 7 months

Daisy has changed our lives for the better - We now have a very happy 1 year, who is getting the sleep that was much needed! Which in return means mummy, daddy and big sister are also getting a better night sleep too. We can’t thank you enough Daisy, the process to creating the sleep plan was straight forward and insightful. And putting the sleep plan into action wasn’t as scary as I first thought! I was also so impressed at how quickly the sleep plan started working!

Nikki, mum to Noah aged 13 months

I reached out to Daisy late at night in desperation. I had got to a point where I was desperate for my little boy to be able to nap and fall asleep without being bounced, rocked and held for the duration. I was extremely apprehensive at first, fear of the unknown! Daisy understood my nervousness and listened to my worries. My major worry was I wanted to do this gently, and to go at my baby’s pace. She gave me a clear plan of what we were going to do after an initial assessment of my current sleep situation. Each call we had Daisy listened intently and made tweaks to the plan as and when needed. I can’t believe where we are now with sleep, I never thought we would get to this point! My little guy can fall asleep by himself, settle himself back if he does wake, sleep longer than 30 minutes and do a solid minimum 10 hour stretch at night. All of this done working with my baby, not against him. I’m truly thankful to Daisy, I now miss the sleep cuddles!

Mummy to 6 month old