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1:1 sleep support

Does your child:

  • Wake frequently throughout the night?

  • Only settle through being rocked/fed/cuddled to sleep? 

  • Refuse to stay in their bed?

  • Avoid napping at all costs, contact nap or cat nap?

  • Wake early in the morning?

  • Battle bedtimes

And is this making you feel:

  • Physically exhausted, so much so you're struggling to function?

  • Unable to concentrate on simple tasks or hold your train of thought?

  • Worried about your child’s development and/or happiness

  • Anxiety around sleep times?

  • Lethargic, as though you don't have the energy to leave the house or enjoy simple things?

  • Irritated and snappy with your partner and family, followed by guilt?

  • Like you just NEED some time on your own?

  • Overwhelmed, helpless and/or unable to cope?

I've been there myself and worked with countless others who have too. My proven strategies will teach you strategies to overcome these challenges so you finally feel:

  • Well rested

  • Confident and calm

  • Unfazed by bedtime

  • You have some space and time to yourself

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1:1 support

Suitable for children aged 4 months - 6 years+

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  • In depth initial assessment

  • Plan tailored to your child and unique circumstances

  • Online video consultation

  • 2 weeks of phone and What's App support

  • Nap routines, transitions and troubleshooting guide (RRP £29)

  • 25% discount for simultaneous sibling coaching

Plan, consultation and 2 week support


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Want to chat through your options?

Book a free, no obligation chat to talk through what's best for your family

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