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Black Friday offers

Are you ready for a full night's sleep? 

Reasonable wake up times?

Calm, stress-free bedtimes?

Predictable naps (of more than 20 minutes?!)?

Then let's get started!


Nap routines, transitions and troubleshooting guide AND Early waking masterclass

Do you ever feel like you're not in control of the day - naps are so unpredictable, or you spend alllll day trying to make them happen? 

This then impacts on the next morning as poor daytime sleep can cause early waking. 

My limited time bundle can help with BOTH of these challenges at the same time. Get the daytime sleep right while working on the early mornings and you'll feel more in control and better rested.

ONLY £30 - SAVE £20!

Sleeping Baby
Sleeping toddler.jpg

1:1 support hour plus action plan and FREEBIE!

Have an idea what you need to do but need to soundcheck it and get some expert advice? This 1 hour session is for you. 
We'll talk through your current situation and where you want to be then create an action plan for how to get there. 
You'll also get a FREE copy of either my 'Nap routines and transitions' guide or 'Early Waking' masterclass.


Work with me 1:1 and get a BONUS worth £65!

Need more support than just a guide or one off call? No problem, I did too and so do many of the families I work with. 

For this weekend ONLY if you book any of my 1:1 support packages you also receive:

- My 'Early Waking' masterclass worth £25

- A BONUS troubleshooting call (to be used within 6 months) worth £40!

*Please note my availability for 1:1 packages is limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis

Sleeping Baby

Kind words from happy families

This makes me so emotional to write this, but we can’t thank Daisy enough for helping us with our our 5.5yo daughter Halle. She has always struggled with her sleep since birth, and we knew we had tried everything to help her but wasn’t implementing anything consistently and in the right way for Halle's strong willed personality and also to suit our parenting style. She would refuse to let us leave her room and would often take up to two hours to settle and then would come in our bed from midnight and would have numerous tantrums for hours in the middle of the night with any attempt to put her back. 

After talking to Daisy that first time it was such a huge relief when she said she could help us and instantly felt there was light at the end of the tunnel. 

Fast forward 5 days into the plan and Halle was independently falling asleep and slept her first full night in her own bed!! She is now consistently self settling without us even being upstairs and sleeping the whole night through! A day we never thought would come! 

So many people tell you “they will grow out of it” but for us, things were only getting worse and we will never look back having reached to to Daisy! She implemented a gentle approach, encouraged us every step of the way and Halle received lots of praise from Daisy which was such a positive reinforcement for her. If you are thinking about whether this is right for you then I can only say I’ve been where you are, and I only wish we reached out sooner :) 

Literally life changing results for us Xx

Paris-Ann and Kellan, parents to 5.5 year old Halle

Having a baby that doesn’t sleep really is the hardest and loneliest thing. As a FTM I was expecting to be tired, it goes with the territory when you have a new born, I wasn’t expecting to still be getting so little sleep 8 months in.

Jacob would wake every 2-3 hours in the night for a feed and had to be held until he fell asleep. I dreaded baby groups where everyone else seemed to have babies that slept well. I found there was a lot of judgement around using a sleep consultant and I put off contacting Daisy for some time, hoping things would improve. 

I’d researched various sleep consultants before I came across Daisy and there was something that just didn’t sit right with me when I read their approaches. I knew I couldn’t leave Jacob to cry (nor did I want to) and I wasn’t willing to go cold turkey on his night feeds, I was looking for a gentle achievable approach. My partner was sceptical about paying for something we could just “read online” but he wasn’t the one having the broken sleep! As the end of my maternity leave approached I knew I needed to do something, I was barely functioning and the thought of returning to work in that state was making me very anxious. I was also concerned about how Jacob would sleep as nursery we he couldn’t self-settle.

After the initial call with Daisy I just knew I was making the right decision, I warmed to her immediately, she was so understanding of our situation and there was no blame or judgement. When Daisy sent the plan a few days later my enthusiasm had turned to apprehension but upon reading it I was pleasantly surprised. The plan took into account everything I had discussed with Daisy and was tailored to Jacob and what we wanted to achieve. It was clear and easy to follow so I knew exactly what I needed to do every night, I really need not have been worried!

Jacob is pretty strong willed but we saw results very quickly which I was amazed at. He is now in his own room, having all his naps and night time sleep in his cot and settling himself to sleep…..this was unimaginable!! We can’t thank Daisy enough I couldn't have done it without her support and I would genuinely recommend her to anyone having issues with the little ones sleep. My only regret is not contacting Daisy sooner! 

Louise, mum to 8 month old Jacob

When I first asked Daisy for help, I couldn’t see a way out. But I knew it couldn’t get much worse?
My little Daisy was taking up to 3 hours to get to sleep at bedtime and had to have someone lay next to her in her bed. We would have to sneak out trying not to wake her because if she noticed we had gone, we had to start the whole process over again! Then during the night when she woke she had to have someone sleep next to her until morning. This could be anytime from around 10.30pm!!! Me and my husband weren’t sleeping in the same bed and weren’t getting any rest. On top of this, Daisy wasn’t well rested and wasn’t happy in bed herself!
Daisy put together a plan and within 2 weeks, my little Daisy was managing to fall asleep on her own in her bed within 10 minutes of putting her there. She also had a couple of full nights without any wake ups!
Working with Daisy has changed our lives. We actually get an evening, sleep in the same bed as each other and our little Daisy is well rested and actually asks to go bed!
I was also struggling with nighttime rage which I find much more able to deal with now we have a plan if she was to wake in the night.
The approach was gentle, barely any crying and Daisy flexed it to suit us and little Daisy whenever we needed.
I urge anyone who is thinking about it, to just do it. You won’t regret it!

Lauren, mum to 2.5 year old Daisy

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